Tuesday, November 10, 2015


{Just found this written from March 2014 that didn't get published...must have been waiting to attach pics} 

This boy.

He aggravates me, but makes me so happy at the same time.

He tests my patience, but then gives me more hugs than I could ask for.

He is a charmer. He knows just when to flash that giant toothy grin, and give kisses and hugs to make everything better.  Rambunctious, full-of-energy, undo-er of anything clean, crazy, loveable, BOY.  

Cohen's personality has really started coming out the last couple months.  He is talking up a storm and repeating words left and right.

He is very helpful when it comes to throwing things away (ie diapers, wrappers, etc) and he likes to close the toilet seat lid and flush it (let's hope he keeps that up, that'd be at least one thing this mama did right!) 

He knows all his body parts and loves to point them out on himself and others.  Yesterday we went to visit a friend's newborn baby and he held her for a long time. He was surprising gentle with her and kept pointing out all her body parts. He kept patting her and giving her little hugs. It was ADORABLE. But no, I am not baby hungry yet...

He knows most animal sounds and  loves reading books with animals in them.

Whenever Cohen gets sick of sitting in his high chair at the table he always stands up and proclaims, "DONE!" If you don't act right away to get him down he says it over and over and over and over again.

His favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He loves the hot dog song at the end and dances and "sings" it. He calls Mickey Mouse "dog dog" and always hands me the remote and says "dog dog".

If anyone is ever laying on the floor he takes it as an open invitation to jump on them and start wrestling. Most of the time no one gets hurt...

Speaking of hurting, he really likes to head-butt. He gets so excited and bonks people in the head.  It's an automatic response to give a hug immediately after said head-butt to say sorry.

He is very attached to his mother at the moment. By attached, I mean, he would follow me to the end of the earth right now. There is usually not more than a couple feet between us and he thinks we always have to be in the same room. Sometimes it gets frustrating when I can't leave for 2 seconds to grab this or that without a meltdown, but I'm trying to enjoy it because I know it's just a phase and pretty soon he'll be a teenager and not want his mom around. 

One last story. We like to play the game with Cohen asking him, "where's mom?" and he'd point to me, "where's daddy? where's addy?"  We were playing it last week during dinner and asked, "where's mom?" and he pointed to Addy. We all busted up laughing, including him. He got a taste of what it was like to be funny and the rest of the game he pointed to the wrong person on purpose so he'd make us laugh. He's a character.

There is so much more I could say about this little man, but I'll leave it at that for now. I love this little dude and wouldn't trade him or his messes for anything!


Christensen's said...

I saw your last post about trying to blog again...me too! I love my posts here much better than what I can have on FB or anything else because it feels more like a journal. Good luck to 2016!

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